About Us

After traveling the world for a few years we realized there was something missing- our dog Oakley! We love seeing the world but each time we hated leaving her behind and surely annoyed our friends and family, begging them to Facetime us and send us pictures of our pup.  We knew we needed to start bringing our dog along and set out to figure out how to take her to our favorite places in the US and Europe. It wasn’t always easy (paperwork and travel regulations can be tricky) but it’s always led to our greatest adventures! 

Taking our dog has helped us make new friends, inspired us to go new places and meet incredible people around the world! After countless people kept asking how we managed to bring our dog on our travels we knew we needed to find a way to help people and save them the time and headaches that bringing your dog abroad can sometimes require. 

Here at Dog Travel Tips we’re hoping to make your trip with your best canine friend much easier so that you can get on to your next destination! 

Make sure you take advantage of our dog friendly hotel recommendations, dog travel paperwork packets, destination suggestions and more. Here’s to your next adventure!