6 Different Types of Trains in France – How to Buy Tickets and Bring Your Dog

France is a country of love and that definitely extends to dogs, especially in Paris. If you’re looking to travel like the French you’ll probably be taking the train to grab dinner or even out for the day or weekend. We’ve compiled the different types of trains in France and requirements and restrictions for bringing your dog along. We’ve also included how to book your pup’s ticket should they need one. 

*ALL train lines allow service dogs to travel free of charge and have no restrictions on line routes. 


Paris is famous for its Metro or underground rail system that connects the city. It’s huge and fairly a convenient way to get wherever you might need to go when you’re in the City of Lights. What many new travelers don’t always know is that they also have a great Other larger cities in France also have their own Metro lines that could include trains, trams, and busses

Dogs are allowed on the Metro in Paris and other larger French cities. If on the smaller side they can travel for free in a bag with no ticket required. Larger dogs must be on a leach and require a ticket. You can grab your pup’s ticket when you buy one for yourself at the ticket kiosk.


TER trains are regional trains that you’ll need to book ahead of time but don’t require seat assignment. These trains are trains that generally stay in one area of France- think Paris metro station to Disneyland Paris. Dogs are allowed for only a $7 fee and must be added to your ticket


INTERCITES train lines are trains that go between cities within the country of France. These routes can have multiple stops and are frequently thought of as the base standard trains. Dogs are allowed for a $7 ticket fee that you’ll add to your ticket


TGV lines are generally faster routes than the SNCF/TER lines- many of them with non-stop routes. TGV translates to high speed trainDogs are allowed on TGV but they do require a ticket. Tickets are linked with your ticket and cost $7 per dog.


Many of you might be asking- what is this train line? The TGV INOUI is a newer type of line that has faster trains with nicer accommodations. Dogs are allowed on TGV INOUI but they do require a ticket. Tickets are linked with your ticket and cost $7 per dog


UPDATE: Eurostar is not currently allowing pets on their rail lines. Service dogs are still allowed

Like many planes, dogs are not allowed on Eurostar unless they meet fairly strict requirements. Dogs and their carriers must weigh less than 10kg (22lbs). They require a ticket booked for your pet and price may vary. 


The THALYS train line goes from Belgium, Netherlands and Germany and can be booked on the SNCF site. Some of the Thalys destinations do not allow dogs so please check before booking! If your dog is more than 5 KG (11 LBS) then your dog must have a ticket. Tickets can vary in price. 

How to Book a Ticket for Your Dog

Booking a ticket online when you book your ticket is the easiest way to ensure that you and your dog have a spot on the train. SNCF Connect Online lets you book TGV, TGV INOUI, TER, Thalys, and INTERCITES.  You can also book in the train station if you need to at the kiosks or the ticket counters if necessary but there might be less English language help available. 

Booking a pet ticket on SNCF Connect online follow the prompts below: 

To book your pet ticket at the same time as yours:

  • Select your journey
  • Click “more options”
  • Click “travelling with your pet”
  • Select the number of animals and their size in the respective dropdown menus.