Make European Travel With Your Dog Easier With An EU Pet Passport

If you’re planning a trip to Europe with your furry companion, you should consider applying for an EU Pet Passport, especially if you’re planning on repeat visits, or leaving the EU and then coming back during your trip. The EU Pet Passport facilitates the seamless movement of pets within the European Union, ensuring that animals … Read more

Navigating the Maze of International Dog Travel Regulations

The regulatory landscape surrounding dog travel is complex, heavily influenced by the concerns of disease transmission – especially rabies – and invasive species introduction. Various nations have set up distinct regulations to mitigate these concerns, making it essential for pet owners to be well-informed before traveling with their furry companions. To help you get a … Read more

Can You Take Your Dog in a Bolt Ride?

In many European cities and countries Bolt is a great alternative to Uber for ride sharing. If you’re in Europe we recommend downloading the app in case Uber rides are too far or there are extra surcharges. Bolt can be great for rides just about anywhere but especially to and from airports, trains, and ferries … Read more

Which Pet Carrier Bag Should You Use for Flying?

Before you book your flight to your next adventure, make sure your dog and your dog’s bag will work with their rules and restrictions. We also recommend letting your dog get used to the bag and make sure that they’ll be comfortable during their journey.  Check out our list of major airlines for their size … Read more