Can You Take Your Dog in a Bolt Ride?

In many European cities and countries Bolt is a great alternative to Uber for ride sharing. If you’re in Europe we recommend downloading the app in case Uber rides are too far or there are extra surcharges. Bolt can be great for rides just about anywhere but especially to and from airports, trains, and ferries when juggling bags and travel fatigue can be too much. When traveling with your dog or cat abroad you want to make sure that booking a ride on an app is easy for you and your pet.

Bolt has an optional pet category in some countries so check your app for additional local options when traveling. If you don’t see an option to add your dog to your Bolt ride in the app, Bolt asks that you message your driver as soon as they accept the ride to ask if they will accept your dog too. We recommend having google translate on your phone to easily copy and paste your question in the local language so there’s no confusion for your driver. 

Bolts drivers are not required to accept any pets but they will always accept service dogs. Emotional support animals are not considered service dogs and will need to follow the same rules and restrictions as pets. 

One of the most important things to remember is that your pet should be well behaved and clean when you take your dog on a Bolt ride. Want to make sure that you and other pet owners have your ride accepted? Leave a nice tip so the driver will be more likely to continue to accept pets in their cars.