Four Phone Apps You Should Download to Make Traveling with Your Pet Easier

Traveling can easily be the most fun or the most stressful thing you do. Add your pet to the mix and it can be even better or even crazier. Maybe even both. With all of the new possible experiences and different environments technology can help ease some of the stress of bringing along your dog. Fortunately the world is at our fingertips with all of the information in the world right on our phones. Your destination can help determine some of the different apps you need but we’ve found a few that you’ll need almost anywhere. 

Google Maps

This one might seem like a no-brainer because it’s probably one of the most useful apps ever, especially when traveling. This app is obviously great for driving or finding your way but it’s especially great for finding specific needs. That search bar can be your best friend when you’re in a new area and you’re unfamiliar with what’s available. Google Maps is perfect for pet owners to help locate pet friendly restaurants, dog parks, pet stores, and even pet hospitals if needed. We’ve used google maps countless times to search specific areas to find places that allow dogs and check reviews. 

For older dog owners, google maps can be great for making sure that you don’t take a walk that’s too ambitious for your older pup. If you’re anything like us it’s also great in case you need help finding your way back to where you’re staying.


Getting around on your vacation can be tiring and sometimes a little tricky. Most dogs love a good long walk but sometimes you day trip or next location is just too far. Luckily, Uber has a feature now that allows you to notify your driver that you have a dog with you for that trip. 

We’ve written an entire article about how to bring your dog with you in your Uber while keeping a good rating- check it out HERE (INSERT LINK)

Airline App

Having your airline app on your phone is always a good idea, but especially with a pet. Delays, gate changes, weather updates and flight cancellations are inconvenient when you’re flying alone, much less with a pooch that will need food and potty breaks that are not always convenient. 

Try flying with the same few airlines and have their apps ready on your phone- you’ll thank us. 

Google Translate

Even if you’re well versed in the language of the country you’re in, you might not know all the terms for dog specific things. Remembering ‘Bonjour’ is much different than asking where the local dog park is or if your dog is allowed in a certain area. Google translate has saved travelers (regular humans and pooch lovers alike) over the years and is pretty much just as important as Google Maps when it comes to a smooth trip.