How to Take Your Dog in an Uber, Lyft or Bolt and Keep a Good Rating

When you’re traveling there are so many times when grabbing an Uber or a Lyft is the best way to get where you’re going. Whether it’s a trip to a dog park that’s a little further away or taking you to and from the airport, taking a ride share with your pet should be easy without lowering your rating. We’ll also go over which rideshare companies are the most dog-friendly, what their limitations are, and how to communicate with drivers in foreign countries. 

Tips for Taking Your Dog in Any Rideshare

  1. Make sure you have a rideshare app downloaded for the country or area you’re in. We also recommend having google translate handy if you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language. 
  2. Understand the policies of the rideshare available (we’ve got it listed by company below)
  3. Make sure your dog is allowed in the ride. Choose UberPet or ask permission for the driver ahead of time for Bolt or Lyft. We recommend using Google Translate to message the request if you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language. This will help ensure that the driver understands your pooch will be along for the ride and that there will be no surprises
  4. Make sure your pup has gone potty before the ride so that there aren’t accidents during your trip
  5. Have your dog in its travel bag when the driver arrives for the ride. While this isn’t required, it’s good manners and will help your driver feel more comfortable. Keeping your pup in their carrier bag will also reduce potential for accidents and will keep dog hair to a minimum in the car. We let our dog have her head out and it’s never been an issue – she usually gets a few head pats from the driver. 
  6. As always, thank your driver for the ride and make sure to tip them, especially since they took your pup along. 



Uber Pet allows you to bring your pet on an Uber trip.

Please note, in accordance with Uber’s policies on service animals, service animals are permitted to accompany riders at all times without extra charge, regardless of whether it is a Pet Friendly Trip. Your federal and local laws may also require service animals to be accommodated without extra charge.


You can directly request Uber Pet for you and your pet by scrolling through the vehicle options at the bottom of your screen.


You can bring one pet on Uber Pet.


You may bring one small animal such as a dog or a cat. Please note, there is no breed or size restriction and any additional pets you bring are within the individual driver partner’s discretion.


Since you’ll be bringing along a pet, Uber Pet will cost more than other vehicle options.

In addition, if your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, you could be charged a cleaning fee. To avoid being charged a cleaning fee, see our helpful tips below.


  • Have your pet restrained with a leash, harness, or placed in a crate/carrier
  • Help drivers keep vehicles clean for all riders by bringing a blanket/towel to cover the seat and reduce the risk of damage or mess
  • Ask the driver if they have a preference for where your pet should sit
  • Do not leave your pet unattended”


“Passengers may sometimes ask to bring their pets along for their ride. Unless the passenger has a service animal, it’s up to the driver to allow the passenger’s pet into their car.

Passengers should call their driver after requesting a ride to ask if they can bring their pet along.

If your driver doesn’t feel comfortable with having a pet in their car, you should cancel the ride and request a new one. If you’re charged a cancellation fee, contact us below and we’ll take care of it.”


“In some countries, we offer the Pet category. Please check the availability in the app. 

If this category is not available in your city, but you would like to travel with your pet, contact the driver after requesting your trip to ask if they are willing to take your pet along. It is up to the driver whether or not they accept such a trip and you can cancel your request if the driver refuses to do so.

If the driver agrees to take your pet along, please make sure that your pet is clean and well-behaved.”


What countries are the major Rideshare apps located?

-Uber operates currently in 71 countries worldwide in every continent (excluding antarctica of course) and can be found in most major cities around the world. 

-LYFT is currently operating in the US and Canada

-Bolt is a ride sharing app is not currently in the US but is a popular rideshare choice in Mexico, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

Do most Rideshare apps accept Dogs?

-All major rideshare apps allow for service dogs (per law requirements) while pets are subject to individual company policy. Uber has UberPet which allows users to book cars that allow pets for an additional small fee. 

Lyft and Bolt allow small dogs or cats with permission from the driver prior to the trip. Users are required to call or message the driver after booking the ride to request permission. Drivers and users are allowed to cancel the trip without fee or lowering. Users should call Lyft for a canceled trip refund if the trip is canceled due to the driver not accepting pets. 

Which rideshare app is the most dog-friendly? 

  • While Bolt, Lyft and Uber allow pets in certain circumstances, Uber is the only rideshare company that has Uberpet which ensures that you can bring your pet with you as long as you comply with their policies. 

How do I find UberPet on the App? 

  • Pull up the app and scroll through ride options to the bottom. UberPet will be the bottom choice. While not all areas have UberPet, many do. 

How expensive is UberPet?

  • Costs will vary ride to ride for Uberpet but generally its just an additional $3-5

How Do I Request a dog-friendly Lyft or Bolt?

  • Go to your app and request a ride. After your ride has been accepted, both Lyft and Bolt ask that you call or message your driver immediately afterwards to ask if they are OK with having a pet in their vehicle. If you have your dog in a bag, tell the driver so that you are more likely to have your ride accepted. If they will not allow a dog, cancel the ride immediately. If you are charged for your cancellation, both Lyft and Bolt suggest calling their 1-800 number to request a refund of charges. Both Lyft and Bolt’s policies say that they will refund the cancellation charge.