Tips for Feeding Your Dog While Traveling 

It can feel overwhelming to think about how to feed your dog while traveling, especially if your dog is a little picky or has a sensitive stomach. If you’re worried about feeding them but you’re not wanting to pack another suitcase full of food, we’ve got tips to help keep you pup happy and full. We’re also recommending some of our favorite products to keep it simple and keep it lightweight so your luggage won’t go over the weight limit. 

Easy Tips for Feeding Your Dog while Traveling

  1. Buy wet dog food packets while still in your home country. We recommend one packet for every 2-3 days you’ll be gone plus two additional packets. Example: 14 days= 9-10 packets.
  2. Before you leave, try adding ⅓ of a packet on your dog’s dry food at meal time to make sure they’ll eat it and enjoy it. 
  3. Pack one unopened packet of the wet dog food in your carry-on or purse. This is important in case there are any delays. You don’t want your pup to have a full tummy during travel but they’ll need something in case of travel or schedule interruptions or baggage delays.
  4. Morning of flight, limit your dog’s food to make sure they won’t need to go potty several times during the flight. This is for your dog’s comfort and was recommended by our veterinarian.* Give your pup the other portion of the opened packet to give them a little food in their tummy. This is helpful for dogs that need medication and can even help some dogs with motion sickness. 
  5. Keep a small bag of treats with you in your purse or personal item. If your dog gets restless during the flight, give your dog gentle pets and small pieces of treats. Don’t feed them too much- we don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable while flying.
  6. After arriving at the hotel use the packet in your purse to feed them- this helps calm them down after a long day or night. We recommend using these travel bowls to make sure that you have an easy way to feed and water your pup. 
  7. On google maps find a local store or pet store that is open. Head to the store and pick up a bag (or cans) of food that are similar to the food that your dog eats at home. Google translate can be helpful for you to figure out which one works best for you and your pet. Example: Chicken and rice Translate (French): Poulet et Riz
  8. The next adjusted meal time mix the dry food with ¼ of the packet. This will not be a ton of wet food- just enough to help encourage your dog to eat new food. Put the leftover packet in the mini fridge until next mealtime. For each meal mix a little of the wet food in to help create some consistency with your dog’s meal- something that dogs love.
  9. When traveling home, follow the same feeding schedule as you did traveling to your destination. 
  10. Check out our tips on how using food can help your dog adjust from jet-lag 

*These tips are suggestions that have worked for us and other travelers and their dogs. Each dog is different and has different dietary needs. Check with your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet or medications.

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