Tips for Feeding Your Dog While Traveling 

It can feel overwhelming to think about how to feed your dog while traveling, especially if your dog is a little picky or has a sensitive stomach. If you’re worried about feeding them but you’re not wanting to pack another suitcase full of food, we’ve got tips to help keep you pup happy and full. … Read more

How to Help Your Dog with Jet Lag When You Travel 

Traveling across time zones can be hard on anyone. Your days can feel like nights and your nights can feel like days which is disorienting for even the most adept travelers. Now imagine how your dog feels! And even if you get your clock adjusted, no one wants to have their pup waking them up … Read more

Which Pet Microchip Your Dog Needs to Travel Internationally

Bringing your dog on your next trip – especially to the EU – means that you need to have the right paperwork and the right immunizations. One thing many pet owners don’t realize is that you’ll need to have your pet chipped with an internationally recognized pet microchip. The ISO international microchip has become standard … Read more